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Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF), “Integrated Development with Emphasis on Water and Sanitation” Project, 2002 – Now


ESDF has contracted the consulting office, ISCT  to conduct socio economic needs assessment & capacity assessment of 16 NGOs/CDAs, and to come up with needs assessment of the community, and capacity building needs for the CDAs as well as costs of ESDF interventions for  both beneficiaries.  A structure of the project is also to be conceptualizedthis effort will be the basis for launching the project “integrated development with emphasis on water and sanitation” in Itsa District, Fayoum Governorate In order to fulfill the requirements, a survey had been conducted where a total sample of 2380 was interviewed using  two main questionnaires: recipient’s questionnaire and child & motherhood questionnaire. A third questionnaire was designed for assessing the capacity of the NGOs/CDAs’.  The first two questionnaires focus on assessing development needs for the targeted area, while the third one concentrates on identifying the existing capacity of the NGOs/CDAs in light of the local development of the targeted area.The prioritized socioeconomic needs of the 16 villages have been identified and presented in this report together with the cost of the required intervention of ESDF in order to realize the comprehensive development in Itsa District, Fayoum Governorate

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