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Kafr Elshekh Road (Desouk-Damanhour) 2003

This feasibility contains showing the expected costs for building this road and also explanation for money flow for this project and steps for execution and financing manner


Road of Kafr-Elshakh (Desouk-Damanhour), which exists nowadays, consists of three sectors; first sector starts from the governor of Kafr-Elshakh till Desouk city with length of 32k. Second sector in Desouk city is divided into two parts; first part a road with one-way direction. The other part with two directions and this part the consultant suggests to use instead of making the duplication in the second sector, and it extends from Alex Cairo road with length of 32km, for what is previous its clear that the total length for the road (which The need to execute the duplication for it) is 49km, and for that civil works which has done on the road its clear that there is for the first sector 19 bridge the length for each is 10m, and also there is 2 bridges the length for each is 15m ,and the third sector have 4 bridge the length for each 10m ,and 23 bridges the length for each 15m.

The consultant suggests to execute many U-Turns around some cities "estate" and "hamlet" to avoid   populated areas, that is because of two main reason, the first reason is economic because of removing the ownership of 1m built costs 200LE and taking into considerate that removing ownership of 1m arable land costs 12LE (1 Fadden =50,000 LE), so removing ownership of arable  land in the economic side, and the


other reason is humanity because removing ownership of buildings means transferring a large number of families from there accommodations to other alternative places therefore many social and psychology problems would happen to those families. And the U-Turn will be executed three times, first in the first sector about the Sugarcane farms, second in the first sector about Kafr-Abo-Ziad and Ezbet-Shaba together, the third U-Turn will be executed in the third sector about Ezbet-Elkom


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