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USAID project; “GreenCOM III Egypt”. 1998 – SEPT.1999

This Project Consist of three stages as shown in Figure

Dr. Ali joined the "GreenCOM III Egypt" project in the second stage in fields (Training Application in The Field, Field Reinforcement, Farmer Meetings and Community) explained Below.

1- Training Application in The Field

Training To Integrate Communication Across 3 Management Levels
  • Similar curricula for field engineers, inspectors and senior staff has developed a mutual appreciation that they share similar problems.
  • Field engineers began to see that general managers and undersecretaries have much the same problems, but at a higher level.
  • Parallel training allowed all levels of participants to talk the same language in terms of problem solving...

Training Chronology (Inspectors , Field Engineer , Senior )

  • Training began with Field (district) Engineers because they were the largest group (about 190) and because of their proximity to farmers as largest water users.
  • Original training design suggested a two-day orientation for Inspectors (middle management) so they would understand and support Field Engineer training. This part of the design was postponed until field training was underway.
  • Senior staff workshops also were designed to keep upper management appraised of the training process

Training Recognition and Follow-upField engineers

  • appreciated certificates for the energy invested in their two-part training processes.
  • However, they also requested Ministry /WCU follow-up to further monitor their accomplishments as they implement training experience in the field.

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2- Field Reinforcement

Community Contact Key to Field Relations

  • The WCU provided disposable cameras for FEs to document their field contacts…
  • Here is such documentation from Upper Egypt establishing community interaction between trainings...

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3- Farmer Meetings

Field Engineers apply training in community

  • Following the first training, FEs were asked to make contact with farmers and the larger community
  • The MPWWR Water Communication Unit offered instructional and media support materials...

4- Community

Community Contact Part of Phase 2 FE Training

Bringing community representatives to the second phase of the training process gave FEs direct feedback from “significant others.”
Here Eng. Farag El Yamany introduces members of the Ismailaya Governate community representing education, agriculture. cooperatives extension and the Popular Council.

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